1929 Mask Technology

1929 Mask Technology

Model holding 1929 Mask

Why 1929 Mask?

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread, more governments around the world are recommending their citizens – regardless of whether they are old or young, sick or healthy – put on a face mask to protect themselves and others near them. That’s because coronaviruses are spread through droplets that are emitted when someone sneezes or coughs, and wearing a mask will help to limit such transmission.

Not all masks are made equal. So, what makes a good quality face mask?

N95 masks or respirators are the gold standard because of their 95% bacteria filtration efficiency and their ability to not only protect against large droplets but small particle aerosols. The looser fitting surgical masks also protect against large droplets and other splashes. These masks are, however, in short supply and should be prioritised for frontline healthcare workers.

The rest of us should wear reusable masks. And that’s where 1929 Mask has got you covered.

Our three-ply masks are water-repellent, antimicrobial and comfortable. They come in regular as well as kid sizes.

Outer layer: Made of microfiber with 5% spandex for stretchy comfort. Stretchable fabric allows for flexible movements and is adaptable for different face shapes and sizes. Our mask is also treated with water-repellent qualities*, which means those nasty virus-laden droplets roll right off.

Centre layer: We created a blend of cotton and polyester to better absorb the anti-bacterial, anti-viral agents that are injected into the masks. Yes, our masks contain a small amount of chemicals to zap those nasties away. More on that below.

Innermost layer: Of course, we haven’t forgotten about comfort. The layer in direct contact with your skin is made of soft, 100% cotton.

Youtube | 1929 Mask

Watch our video on the mask’s super water-repellent properties​

Chemically enhanced

Not all chemicals are bad for us. Did you know that 1929 face masks contain benzalkonium chloride (BAC)? It’s the essential ingredient used in non-alcohol-based hand sanitisers – including the one handed out by the Temasek Foundation – that is effective in killing viruses.

In addition, our masks have been tested by international test centres, and come with chemical-safety labels for your peace of mind.


Our masks can be washed many times without losing their protective qualities. They continue to be water-repellent for up to 100 washes, exceeding the industry average of 10 to 15 washes. The anti-bacterial properties are also impressive: They are still effective after 100 washes.

A-to-Z testing

Don’t just take our word for it. Our masks undergo stringent tests in-house as well as at reputable international labs including Bureau Veritas and TUV-SUD.

These include:

  • Fabric water repellency and durability
  • Antimicrobial treatment lasting for 100 washes and a bacterial filtration efficiency of close to 90%
  • Safety levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), used to protect fabrics, and formaldehyde, which prevents wrinkles and shrinkage
  • Allergies and skin reactions
  • Colourfastness to ensure the fabric dye doesn’t run.

Now that you know what our masks can do, try them out today. 1929 – the safer mask.

Wondering how to wear a face mask? Check out our infographic and share it with your friends.

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