Breathe Healthy Masks for Pet Grooming

Pet Dander or Grooming Mask

Old lady with her dog wearing a BreatheHealthy Paws 2 Face MaskWe love our pets! But, while grooming a dog, horse, cat or any furry animal, the air you breathe may contain hair, dander, parasites and bacteria which, after repeated exposure, can cause or contribute to bronchial problems. This is especially during “shavedowns” and the grinding of nails that groomers often endure on a daily basis. Many of our customers are dog and cat groomers that are looking for protection from what is now being coined “Groomer’s Lung”. They have reported the Breathe Healthy mask is effective and comfortable enough for all-day use.

A Breathe Healthy® multi-layer, washable, antibacterial, adjustable, “fun to wear” mask, can be worn as a groomer’s mask or pet dander mask, or for general pet allergy protection. It effectively filters hair, most dander, dust, and parasites, and is made with hi-tech materials that wick and repel moisture away from the face, allowing for greater long term comfort. Our masks can be worn for an extended period of time without getting unbearably hot … and are available in a variety of pet friendly designs.

 – Always try to work in a well ventilated area, use vacuum shears if you can, and wear a mask when you are doing anything that could put contaminants in the air. We believe that ours are the best, but by all means, please wear something!

I love my breathe healthy mask. I am a dog groomer with asthma and when i file nails all the fine dust gets in my lungs until i ordered my mask now i don't work without it!!! I am ordering more today!!

Delilah K.

These masks are a must for any pet stylists out there. Trust me I got a sinus infection from breathing in a bacteria from one of my clients skin almost 2 years ago. I have had two years of oral and IV antibiotics, also surgery. It will not die! I make it mandatory for all my employees to wear masks, especially when force drying. Please take my advice and buy these awesome masks. They are so comfortable and cute, and they can literally save your life. Thanks Mike for these great masks!!

Diane T

I recvd my Breathe Healthy mask a couple weeks ago and i LOVE it! I have asthma and a dog grooming shop.. needless to say.. there are days i CANNOT breathe.. but thanks to your mask, I am able to continue doing what I LOVE and still being able to breathe! THANK YOU SOOOO much! Your masks were like magic to my lungs!

Kristy S

Saw ad and story in Groomer to Groomer magazine. Ordered six for our mobile grooming company to try them out. We love them–very comfortable, easy to get accustomed to wearing, wash beautifully. Thank you–and the happy bonus is Made in USA!! Please send info if and when running specials. ……I would add that I wear glasses and am able to wear your masks without the fogging that occurs with every other mask I have tried. This in addition to the comfortable fit really helps with compliance. We are a small family owned and operated mobile grooming company. I am hopeful that the masks allow my kids and me to groom many years in good health.

Karen S.
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