Breathe Healthy Face Masks - Your Travelling Companion

HMan on business trip wearing a Breathe Healthy Anti Microbial Face Maskelp to protect others as well as yourself – while the airlines and trains have greatly improved interior air quality, you still can be easily exposed to the many flu germs that inhabit a confined space. Equally important, your destination, particularly when traveling out of the country, can be a source of infection. Public places can be a gathering place for various types of germs, especially indoors, where they have an improved chance of survival.

Many customers purchase our masks for theirselves and their children to wear while traveling with them in airports, planes, and public transportation. We realize most travelers (especially children) are not going to wear a mask the entire time you travel, but it can be very useful in confined areas.

Preferably you would want an antimicrobial travel mask (or 2) that helps to filter airborne particles, allergens, dust and helps protect against effluents from coughs and sneezes that could contain flu viruses … and one that can be easily carried, is washable and reusable, and won’t become “unbearably hot”. The Breathe Healthy washable, antimicrobial mask meets these criteria as a travel mask and is comfortable for extended periods of time.

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