Breathe Healthy Masks Specifications

Breathe Healthy Anti Microbial Face Masks - Honeycomb Beige
  • Good Filtration Ability ~ Filter down to 1.0 microns and help to protect against pollen (6.0+ microns), mold spores (1.0+ microns), pet hair & dander (1.0+ microns), dust (1.0+ microns), bacteria (.35+ microns) and airborne effluents from sneezes & coughs that can contain cold and flu germs (4.0+microns). A 1.0 micron Latex Particle Challenge (PFE) testing revealed a 61% efficiency as tested by Nelson Labs
  • Automatically regulates humidity in Mask ~ patented lining within the mask made from athletic fiber that is designed to be worn against the skin. This special material not just filters off particles but also has the ability to regulate moisture by deploying excess persperation away from the skin.
  • Excellent Airflow ~ Provide a comfortable airflow through the mask that makes it suitable for use even by children as well as persons with breathing difficulties such as the elderly, asthma patients and pregnant women.
  • Reusable & Anti-Microbial ~ Masks are treated with the hospital safe AEGIS® antimicrobial that kills germs or mold that comes in contact with the mask fabric. The AEGIS treatment is permanent and will lasts for the life of the mask. Breathe Healthy masks can be reused safely without washing yet keeps bacteria and mold built-up to a minimum. Normal disposable masks are not intended to be used more than once because there is no way to prevent such built-up.
  • Latex Free ~ Suitable for persons with latex allergies.
  • Easy to fit to any face shape ~ Plastic encased, stitched-in, Coneg Certified padded nose form to help “seal” the mask around the bridge of the nose. This also prevent fogging of glasses. Non-latex elasticized sides to help assure a flexible good fit on the side and bottom of the face. This solves a common problem with most commerical disposable masks which requires a very tight fit for them to be effective. 
  • Possible to speak normally while wearing the mask ~ can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. The soft material that moulds around the user's face allows the user to speak normally without compromising the protection of the mask, a common complaint about normal disposable N95 masks. 
  • Washable ~ can be washed and depending upon use, can last as long as your favorite t-shirt. NO MORE worrying about running out of disposable masks!
  • Made in USA LogoMADE IN USA
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