BreatheHealthy Masks for Patients with Weakened Immune Systems

Weakened Immune Systems

Sick girl in hospital ICU

They are looking for added protection from airborne germs or contaminants that could challenge their weakened defenses.

Many of our customers include those with respiratory issues or reduced immune system strength, and those who wish to have some protection when visiting the doctor, hospital patients, or the emergency room. Some of our customers include individuals who are being treated for cancer in various ways, but are well on their way to recovery. They are looking for added protection from airborne germs or contaminants that could challenge their weakened defenses.

Some of our customers also include families who have a patient living in their house and wish to provide masks to those who enter the premises. Breathe Healthy masks help to provide an added measure of respiratory protection and can be worn for longer periods of time with greater comfort compared to other masks. However, our masks are not for patients who have had their immune systems completely destroyed and are just beginning to recover. We advise that you ask your doctor if our masks are appropriate for your situation.

My son Blake has a kidney disease and is on medication that weakens his immune system. I love these masks. We have ordered 2 in the past and my son loves wearing them. So much better than the paper masks. Breathe healthy masks give me peace of mind when we are out in public that he is protected better against germs. Thank you for making such a great product.

Nikkole P.

I have ordered these masks for my son Connor since 2006. We love them and they are great!!! He used to get sick all the time with the paper masks but since using these, it is a lot less frequent now. He has cancer and has been on chemo since 2006 so this makes his life a little bit easier!! Thanks!!

Cheryl B.

I was given the colorful paws child size by a lady from my church for my 9 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with grade 3 brain cancer June 2014. The mask is so colorful & cute, it puts a smile on her face when she has to go out. People want to talk about how cute her mask is and where did she get it, instead of what happened to your hair or what is that scar on your head. Thank you for making her feel like a kid again.

Cheryl S.

Special Care Instructions for Breathe Healthy Masks worn by Patients

First, it is important to discuss with your doctor whether our masks are appropriate for your current stage of immune deficiency. Where the immune system has been completely destroyed, your physician may recommend that your mask be changed every 4 hours with the old mask being discarded. Obviously, a disposable mask will be appropriate in those circumstances.

For those individuals well on the way to recovery, Breathe Healthy masks can be washed in the washing machine or by hand in hot water and then, if desired, dried in a dryer. However, it is essential that the mask be placed in a washable fabric bag/ pillow case to prevent the plastic slides from hitting against the sides and breaking. Because our masks are made of fabric, the Dryer will eventually cause our masks to shrink. However, because of the surgical type design, multiple layers, sizing and adjustable fit, you will find that your Breathe Healthy Mask, even with this cleaning process, will continue to fit effectively for weeks/ months of daily washing.

It might not be practical to operate a washing machine solely for a mask, it is suggested you consider buying multiple masks to allow for days when you are not doing laundry. Also, after handling a mask that has been worn, it is important to wash your hands as germs can accumulate on the mask surface.

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